Aquabumps Spring/Summer Moments

2012 Aquabumps Spring/Summer Moments in Italy – in association with Peroni from Aquabumps on Vimeo.

Working with Aquabumps again, this time in collaboration with Peroni we set off to Italy to capture the summer, the beaches and the waves of the Mediterranean… Yep thats right, waves in the med! Aquabumps joined forces with Peroni to produce a series of short films that will take you to a place that we all want to be whilst hiding in our office cubicles – the beach.


Camera 1: Rob Norman
Camera 2: Justin Barnwell
Additional Footage: Alessandro Dotti
Editor: Justin Barnwell
Sound Composition & Design: Matt Brown

– – – – – – – –
Thanks To:

– Alessandro & Pietro Dotti, Luca from Brothers Surf Shop, Sonia Bobbio, Fabrizio from Rimini, all all the beautiful people we met along the way.