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Red Bull Surfing

Knack recently created content for Red Bull US at the Volcom Pipe Pro Surfing competition held at the infamous Banzai Pipeline. Delivering pre, during and post event clips, the team thoroughly enjoyed there time on the island: Check out the content:

Producer Red Bull: Nate Hoppes
Producer/Director: Justin Barnwell
Director of Photography: Robert Norman
Field Producer: Chris Binns
Editors: Andy Lloyd (Lead) Justin Barnwell
GFX: Birgar Olsen
Additional Camera: Volcom, RED
Special thanks: Red Bull, Anthony Sedgwick, Matt Shuster, Kris Lyman, Volcom,

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Juzzy & Sej have just returned from Hawaii where they have been creating content for Red Bull Surfing around the Volcom Pipe Pro surfing competition. This post show-cases the competition content pieces the guys created. With access to the Volcom archive library and team camera operators, Knack crafted the Red Bull stories to show case an in depth look into themes around the infamous break and true to the roots competition.

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