The Camera Club – Show #2


‘Sh#t for your lounge room wall’

After a successful launch in August with their first exhibition, ‘we all have teenage fantasies’ The Camera Club, a community based bar & gallery space that’s dedicated to celebrating creativity through camera-related pursuits, is now set to deliver its second installment ‘Fancy That!’.

Fancy That! features the work of 10 exhibiting photographers including James Broadhurst,  Gavin Rea, Akila Berjaoui and has been curated under The Camera Clubs ‘six degrees of separation’ philosophy. Under this approach the club selects an overarching theme and then chooses a photographer to exhibit, who then selects the second and so on. The end result is 10 micro-galleries each of which is connected via the group show theme and exhibiting photographers via six-degrees of separation.

The Camera Club concept has been well received locally and a growing demand for more frequent exhibitions has inspired club creators Justin Barnwell and Darryl Nichols to extend the activities of the club and its commitment to the photographic community. “We have a number of exciting plans on the agenda” comments Barnwell. “What we really need is someone to head them up, like a Club President’ adds Nichols. The two have just launched an little campaign in an attempt to recruit The Camera Club President, who will help facilitate a range of activities, including curating exhibitions, shooting photographs and partying with exhibiting photographers.’ Applications close on November-19, 201. More info at

In keeping with its community-based approach The Camera Club has also launched a number of extensions including a member library, vintage photo booth, exhibition inspired cocktails and camera related inspiration from the past, present and future.

The Camera Club is located upstairs at the Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Beach and open from 6pm Tuesday – Sunday.

Exhibition 2: ‘Fancy That!’ Launch Party, 7pm Thursday 9th of December 2010.

An unexpected moment that brings a smile to your face, the sight of vista too big to ponder, the joy of a pleasure so simple it’s free and all of the super rad things we see. ‘Fancy That!’ asks ten photographers to dig deep into their archives and present an inspired selection of their favourite lounge-room wall ready moments.

Featuring the works of 10 connected photographers including;

Nick Atkins
Jessie Sara English
Akila Berjaoui
Louis Westgarth
Robbie Powell
Gavin Rea
Stephanie Geddes
Po McReynolds
Jana Brunclikova
James Broadhurst